The back-up sight can be installed up to a height of 11 mm / 0.433“ for A and 15 mm / 0.591“ for B directly to the scope without using an adapter. Beyond these dimen­sions we recom­mend either a side-mounted UNIVERSAL adapter T0960-0005 or the use of one of our spacers.

Backup-sight with solid steel-post


Backup-sight with red fiber-optic-insert


Backup Sight for the mount onto the UNIVERSAL-inter­face of our One- and Two piece mounts.

While many weapons are equipped with BUIS (Backup Iron Sights) for emer­gency use in the event of a scope failure, they require the removal of the scope before the BUIS can be flipped up ready for use.

With our new Backup Sights there is no need to remove the scope because they are directly mounted to the top of the scope via our UNIVERSAL-inter­face. The weapon remains contin­u­ously avail­able for use even in the event of a scope failure.

Should the scope be set at a high magni­fi­ca­tion for long distance shooting the Backup-Sight allows the shooter to quickly and effec­tively engage suddenly appearing close range targets. The sights are avail­able in two versions, either with a fiber optic or solid post front sight.

The clicks of the front and rear sight are cali­brated for 1 MOA (3 cm at 100 m), allowing for a wide vertical and hori­zontal range of adjust­ment (240 cm at 100 m) and easy sighting-in. These sights require no batteries and thus are always ready for use. Corro­sion-resis­tant Mil-spec mate­rials and raised sides protecting the ghost ring and front sight from impact damage ensure many years of trouble-free service.