ERATAC Product Groups

ERATAC Prod­ucts

Tactical Mounts

Extremely robust, 100% repeat­ability, designed to with­stand even roughest condi­tions.

Extremely robust, 100% repeat­ability.

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ERATAC Acces­sories

Various adapters, attach­ments and sights to opti­mize your weapon.

To opti­mize the use of the weapon.

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Picatinny Rails

Acces­sorize your rifle with the most popular mounting system world­wide.

Adapt to the most used mounting system.

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150 Years of RECK­NAGEL

In 1867, our family busi­ness started the produc­tion of sights and acces­sories for the gun industry in Suhl, Thuringia. After the end of World War II and the expro­pri­a­tion by the Soviet occu­pying forces, the company relo­cated to Schwe­in­furt, Bavaria.

Scope mounts for hunting rifles were added to the product range and have been an essen­tial part thereof ever since.

In 2010, RECK­NAGEL launched their line of tactical mounts and acces­sories for the civil sector and law enforce­ment under the brand name “ERATAC®”. Decades of expe­ri­ence, as well as the contin­uous exchange with users, led to the steady expan­sion of our product range.

All ERATAC® prod­ucts are manu­fac­tured according to mili­tary stan­dards, thus meeting highest require­ments, and have proven them­selves on various weapons systems world­wide.

A contin­uous invest­ment led to computer-controlled systems of the latest gener­a­tion, which guar­antee 100% quality “Made in Germany”.