The UNIVERSAL Inter­face allows the instal­la­tion of various acces­sories and expands any weapon’s range of use.

Adapters for UNIVERSAL Inter­face

All adapters allow for tactical acces­sories to be fixed directly onto the scope mount rings.

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Picatinny adapter for laser rangefinders

Built to attach to the ERATAC-Universal-Inter­face.

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Rings with UNIVERSAL Inter­face

To be attached to the middle tube or the scope’s objec­tive for mounting addi­tional tactical acces­sories.

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Backup-Sight for UNIVERSAL Inter­face

For short-range shooting or if your primary optics fail.

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ACI-Angle Cosine Indi­cator, Bubble level

Allows trajec­tory compen­sa­tion to be calcu­lated over long distances or if shooting at elevated or very low targets.

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Reduce the ring diam­eter from 30 mm to 1 inch.

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Bubble Level for ERATAC Universal Inter­face

Attaches to the right or left side of the Universal inter­face of our ERATAC mounts. This bubble level improves accu­racy and makes sure your gun is perfectly level.

Item-No. T0940-0002