New Prod­ucts 2022

Picatinny rail for AK47/74

  • Ideal for using red dot sights
  • Easily inter­change­able with the orig­inal rear sight
  • Absolutely reli­able and stable connec­tion
  • Milled from solid high-grade aluminum
  • Hard anodized according to Mil-Spec Type III

Maße: LxBxH: 84x21x11 mm, Weight: 37g

Item-No. 57050-003J

New Prod­ucts 2021

ERATAC Picatinny Mount for Pulsar Night Vision Devices

  • Machined from solid high-grade aluminum
  • Hard anodized, matte black
  • Length 219 mm / 8.5“
  • Height 10 mm / .39“
  • With hexag­onal nuts or with safety levers

With hexag­onal nuts

Item-No. T5170-0010

With safety levers

Item-No. T4170-0010

Picatinny-mount for Wilcox-Raptar

Height 14 mm / 0,55“ , weight 40 g / 1,41oz

Item-No. T0910-0014

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Height 25 mm / 0,98“, weight 59 g / 2,08 oz

Item-No. T0910-0025

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Height 35 mm / 1,38“, weight 72 g / 2,54 oz

Item-No. T0910-0035

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New Prod­ucts 2020

Weight Reduc­tion of up to 31%

With our GENER­A­TION-2, we now offer our rifle­scope mounts with a lever and nut system in a completely new design, thus facil­i­tating a weight reduc­tion of up to 31% - without affecting the mount’s outstanding features.

In addi­tion to our big variety of scope mounts, ERATAC also includes a wide range of tactical acces­sories, such as adapters and attach­ments, KeyMod and M-LOK parts, backup-sights, rifle slings and much more.

New Prod­ucts 2019

Sight with front-sight post, width 1.8 mm (Item-No. T0545-1355)

Sight with front-sight post, width 1.35 mm (Item-No. T0541-1355)

Offset Sight

For quickly aiming at short distances without removing the scope.

  • 45° angle-attach­ment directly on the Picatinny rail.
  • Spring loaded folding mech­a­nism in a modular design, convert­ible for left-handed shooters.
  • Two ghost rings in Ø 5.0 mm and 1.7 mm are on the same plane.
  • Avail­able with a 1.35 mm or 1.8 mm wide front post.
  • The combi­na­tion of steel parts, where absolutely essen­tial, and high grade aluminum parts, wher­ever suffi­cient, makes this offset sight very resilient and light-weight.
  • Thanks to a special surface treat­ment all parts are corro­sion resis­tant to with­stand even maritime condi­tions.

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New Prod­ucts 2018

Ultra­light One-Piece Mounts with 20 MOA Incli­na­tion

We now offer our extended ultra­light one-piece mounts in a 20 MOA version. These mounts, espe­cially designed for long-range shooting, are avail­able in the following versions:

Ø 1“, Height 0.96“ (Item-No. T3022-2024)

Ø 30 mm, Height 0.87“ (Item-No. T3023-2022)

Ø 34 mm, Height 0.79” (Item-No. T3024-2020)

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Offset Adapter with Bubble Level for Picatinny Rails

Clamps to the upper receiver or to any Picatinny rail; accom­mo­dates either right or left hand shooters.

Item-No. T0550-0000

Bubble Level for ERATAC Universal Inter­face (without ACI)

Attaches to the right or left side of any Picatinny rail to make sure your gun is always perfectly level.

Item-No. T0940-0002

Offset Adapter for HK Hooks

Clamps to any Picatinny rail. The oval opening allows for easy and secure hooking.

Item-No. T0500-0002

KeyMod Adapter for HK Hooks

To be mounted to the fore-end of a KeyMod style hand­guard. Hard anodized and machined from high-grade aluminum.

Item-No. T4500-0000

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Acces­sories for M-LOK®

We have added M-LOK acces­sories to our already large range of prod­ucts and now offer Picatinny adapter rails with 3, 5, 7 and 9 slots.

3 slots (Item-No. T5903-0008)

5 slots (Item-No. T5905-0008)

7 slots (Item-No. T5907-0008)

9 slots (Item-No. T5909-0008)

More acces­sories will follow soon.

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