The ERATAC® backup-sight has been devel­oped to offer a rugged and robust sight to with­stand roughest condi­tions while offering at the same time the precision of a compe­ti­tion shooting sight.

The combi­na­tion of steel parts where absolutely essen­tial and high grade aluminum parts wher­ever suffi­cient, gave us the possi­bility to imple­ment a sight with mini­mal­istic design, low weight and minimum height.

Thanks to a special surface treat­ment all parts are corro­sion resis­tant to with­stand even maritime condi­tions. The spring-loaded folding mech­a­nism reliantly protects the sight from damage when used under rough condi­tion in the field.

A backup-sight must enable the shooter to aim the gun quickly and intu­itively espe­cially when acting under stress. We, there­fore, designed the ERATAC® backup-sight in a way that the small and large ghost ring is same plane. It is not neces­sary to change the point of aim when the distance to the target remains unal­tered.

The height of this sight corre­sponds to the height of an AR15 stan­dard sight and can be easily combined with prod­ucts from other manu­fac­turers.

The front sight is avail­able in two different versions. We recom­mend to use the wide post (1.8 mm / 0.07”) for mili­tary purposes. When using the sight for compe­ti­tion shooting the smaller version with a 1.35 mm / 0.05” wide sight insert is recom­mended.

No tool is neces­sary to alter the height of the front sight. The ERATAC® backup-sight is suit­able for all AR15 front sights having an 8-36 UNF thread. Because of this, a large variety of after market front sights may be used.

The ERATAC® backup-sight with its very low height of only 9 mm / 0.35” also facil­i­tates the use of extremely low mounted optics.

Back-up sight, kit includes front-sight with 1.8 mm / 0.07“ wide post and rear-sightT0540-0355T0540-2355
Back-up sight, kit includes front-sight with 1.35 mm / 0.05“ wide post and rear-sightT0541-0355T0541-2355
Folding front-sight with 1.8 mm / 0.07“ wide postT0542-0355T0542-2355
Folding front-sight with 1.35 mm / 0.05“ wide postT0543-0355T0543-2355
Folding rear-sightT0544-0355-
Front-sight post, width 1.8 mm / 0.07“00000-9320
Front-sight post, width 1.6 mm / 0.06“00000-9630
Front-sight post, width 1.35 mm / 0.05“00000-9430