eratac gewehrriemen_ls1 Special rifle slings





TAN / Coyote-brown


Rifle Sling LS1

The LS1 is far more than a regular carrying strap – it is a top-quality, profes­sional 2-point rifle sling featuring multiple adjust­ment options. The strap features extra-long ends enabling the customer to utilize any attach­ment point directly avail­able on the weapon. The rifle sling can also be used as a shooting sling when further stabi­liza­tion is needed.

The extremely flex­ible strap offers high comfort in the shoulder area with its width of 40 mm. The length can be simply adjusted via a 2 to 1 conver­sion attach­ment (adapter) making it easy to adapt the sling in regards to clothing or equip­ment.

An addi­tional quick-adjust­ment of the 25 mm wide strap allows for the sling length to be modifed in regards to the respec­tive shooting situ­a­tion in a flash.

An addi­tional pull on the D-ring tugs the weapon snug to the body so the shooter has both hands free for other tasks.

The sling strap is subject to strict quality control and is manu­fac­tured according to the tech­nical require­ments TL 8305-0281 stip­u­lated by the German Bundeswehr.

Weight: only 137 g/4.8 oz.

eratac gewehrriemen_hs1 Special rifle slings







Rifle Sling HS1

The HS1 sling is designed for carrying heavy and long weapons like e.g. the G28 or MG3.

A 6 mm 3D spacer fabric in the extra thick-padded shoulder area provides the neces­sary air ow (breatha­bility) on the contact surface.

A top layer made from 1000D Cordura guar­an­tees a high dura­bility. Acces­sories can be attached securely to the sewed-on Molle loops.

In contrast to the LS1 rifle sling, the HR1 does not feature an addi­tional length adjust­ment. However, the strap’s quality and quick-adjust­ment are iden­tical to the LS1 model.

Weight: 170 g/5.9 oz.